Why USB Outlets Make Life Easier

USB OutletAlmost all portable devices now use USB charging cords. The main two are Micro USB and Lightning USB cables. Micro USB cables charge almost every portable device including most android phones, windows phones, and tablets. Lightning USB cables charge all Apple products that were made 2012 and after such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and many different iPads.

Rather than having many bulky USB power adapters sticking out of the wall, outlets with USB ports eliminate the need for this. This creates a cleaner, more minimal look in any bedroom, kitchen, or living room. These are also very useful in commercial areas such as hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, airports, cafes, and dorms.

These USB outlets also save you money! Instead of having USB adapters constantly drawing power when plugged into the outlet, USB outlets are completely off when not in use. Between all the devices that need charging, the electricity bill savings add up!

Finally, these USB outlets are built with a smart chip that detects the custom charging necessities of each device connected. While cheaply made USB wall adapters can damage your devices by exerting too much voltage, USB outlets always deliver the proper amount, keeping anything you charge safe. For a more aesthetically pleasing look and savings, in Houston, get a USB outlet installed now!